Founded in 2008, is the development, production, sales and service as one of professional manufacturer of switching power supply. The company has a quality, young staff, the existing staff of 120 people. Management of the Company average age of
less than
35 years, the main managers are
211, 985 colleges
undergraduate, master's degree or
   Aluminum Power Supply
   Plastic shell Switching Power Supply
   Water supply
   Waterproof LED power supply
   Toroidal transformer
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  >> Waterproof transformer
   Vehicle power supply converter
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105W 环形防水变压器
100W 环形防水变压器
200W 环形防水变压器
300W 环形防水变压器
400W 环形防水变压器
1000W 防水环型变压器
1200W 防水变压器
60W 环型变压器
80W 环型变压器
200W 环形变压器
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